Legacy Quest

Legacy Quest is an epic hack and slash Action Role-Playing Game for mobile devices.

☉ Featured as Editor’s Choice by Apple in over 125 countries

☉ Featured as “Best New Game” by Google Korea

☉ Top 100 Grossing RPG in over 30 countries

☉ Installed on over 750,000 mobile devices worldwide

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An epic Hack & Slash Action RPG with roguelike influences where players train a bloodline of dungeon-crawling heroes, upgrading their skills and crafting powerful gear in order to hack their way through fierce monsters and explore dungeons for awesome loot.

"Legacy Quest's stylish 3D world and relentless action got us fired up for the challenge of stomping evil and restoring our family name. Be a wandering mage, a nimble archer, an armored warrior - you'll find loads of options for customizing your hero. Treasure-filled dungeons hold mounds of loot, and clearing out skeletons, stone golems, and towering bosses offers endless excuses for cathartic hack-and-slashing" - Apple App Store Editors' Note

"If finding / crafting / unlocking / upgrading / enhancing weapons / items / characters gets your blood pumping, you should have your hands full here. Legacy Quest is also a super attractive game despite its blocky nature, with impressive lighting and particle effects." - Touch Arcade

"The smashing is nice, the dodging is slick, and the level of challenge is pitched just about right. There's a nice blocky look to proceedings that isn't perfect but is slightly more interesting than your usual fantasy fare." - Pocket Gamer